Welcome to one of the best dentists and dental clinics near Arenco

Glow Medicals understands the importance of having perfect and brighter teeth. That’s why our team of professional dentists will make sure that you get a healthy and beautiful smile. Our aim is to help our customers in maintaining a good oral health. Due to this, we are recognized as one of the best dentists and dental clinics near Arenco.


Prevention is better than cure and that’s what we believe in and because of this reason we promote routinely dental care examinations. In this, if there are any dental problems they will be seen at an early stage and the treatment of it will be simpler and easier. Usually, the main reason for tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease is caused by the bacteria that prevail in our mouth when we have a poor oral hygiene. So it is better to prevent these problems by getting a regular dental checkup so that your teeth remain healthy.

When you make an appointment with us we will first examine the condition of your teeth by performing a thorough dental examination and taking any photographs as appropriate. After that, our dentists will discuss each and every detail with you regarding the treatment and will also provide you with the written estimate.

Our General Dentistry Services

  • It is advised that you get your regular dental checkup twice a month or year.
  • Our dentists will carefully clean all the plaque and stains leaving your teeth fresh and clean.
  • The purpose of the fluoride is to protect your teeth from decaying as it will make the teeth more resistant to acid attacks, plaque, bacteria, and sugar.
  • Our professional dentists will give you a proper oral hygiene session that is important to maintain healthy gums. We will also demonstrate each and every step so that you will know how to perform the dental hygiene properly.
  • As we have already discussed that the main reason for tooth extraction occurs due to tooth decaying from bacteria and plaque. Our dentists with years of experience will perform this service efficiently and effectively causing as less pain as possible.
  • Our team of professional dentists will execute safe and quality dental fillings that will restore your decay tooth into its original function. Hence, we have the best dentists and dental clinics near Arenco.


So book your general dentistry appointment now. If you have any questions contact us at 04- 456- 4889 & 04-456-1946 or   appointments@glow.ae.