Homeopathy specialist at glow medical and dental center

Dr Bhavna Mishra

B H M S (pune), Homeopathic consultant (UAE)

I  Dr Bhavna Mishra am an experienced professional homeopathic practitioner ,licensed under the DHA(Dubai Health Authority).

I have graduated in B H M S( Bachelor in homeopathic medicine and surgery) from the university of Pune , Maharashtra. I served as an intern for Irla hospital in Vile Parle Mumbai.

Prior to moving to the UAE, I have worked as a homeopathic consultant at Nucleus Polyclinic Bandra (Mumbai) from 2000-2005.

On moving to Dubai, I was employed by Mansoor medical centre in Bur Dubai, after receiving a DHA license in 2006. I was with them for a period of 3 years.

After a hiatus I joined Better Life Clinic and have worked there from 2012-2016.

In my years of clinical practice, I have treated numerous cases varying from paediatric and respiratory problems to skin disorders and chronic illnesses. I also have experience in attending to stress related complaints and habit forming disorders.

I am a DHA licensed homeopathic consultant with more than 12 years experience in the field of homeopathy.

I graduated in 1998 from the university of Pune and set up my own private practice in my hometown Mumbai.I had five years of clinical practice in Mumbai where I concentrated in paediatric,respiratory,skin disorders,chronic illnesses,stress related complaints and habit forming disorders.

Having moved to Dubai in 2005 I got my MOH license in 2006 and have lived and practiced homeopathy ever since.

I have always followed Classical Homeopathy with undying enthusiasm.I have a great insight into homeopathy and a solid philosophical foundation to understand health and disease.

As a doctor

–  I am a firm believer of homeopathy and believe in myself to be a student of homeopathy.

–  Have unbiased opinion regarding the queries of the patient and that always looks into the benefit of the patient.

–  I give personal attention to every new case and take up as a challenge to treat and a chance to learn.

–  I like to handle my cases in the right way to help patients reveal their issues and problems with ease.